What can I do after a 1st DWI charge

What To Do For A First DUI/DWI Offense Arrest Charge

When searching for help in knowing what your options are of what to do next after being arrested and charged with a first DUI/DWI offense, there are several possible ways to fight and win against a first-time DUI case. When a driver is arrested for a driving under the influence charge and fights the case in court, they will need to convince the judge that there is reasonable doubt that they were intoxicated or impaired at the time they were arrested for drunk driving. It is important to keep in mind, the burden is always on the prosecution to prove a driver was intoxicated beyond a reasonable doubt, even if you have refused or failed any of the sobriety or chemical tests for drunk driving. The goal throughout fighting any DUI case, is knowing the best steps of what to do in how to demonstrate or create a reasonable doubt in your case. This is precisely what we are here to help you get started with today by having your DUI arrest details carefully examined online free, so you can find out all your best potential options of what to do next in a 1st offense DUI case based on what took place during your arrest – and fight for a possible dismissal of the case or reduction of the charges against you.

There are many possible ways that can show what to do in fighting to beat a 1st DUI offense case, and how it can be accomplished successfully. After the details of what took place at the time of your arrest can be professionally examined through us, a skilled DUI attorney from your area can then discuss with you what to do next for your best defense options which are based on your particular details of how to challenge any evidence collected. For example, they can vigorously cross-examining the arresting officers that they were mistaken, or inconsistent in their report of what took place before your were first arrested for DUI charges. An experienced first DUI attorney can also properly demonstrate in court that abnormal driving patterns such as weaving or crossing road lines could easily be justified as being within the normal range of a sober driver, or based on other factors such as poor road or weather conditions. Even in first DUI offense cases where an accident might be involved, it does not necessarily prove a person’s ability to drive a vehicle was impaired by alcohol or drugs. For example, in some accident circumstances where a driver can be first suspected of a potential DUI offense, concussion symptoms often can appear similar to those of drunk driving symptoms. Many cases involving drivers suspected of first-time DUI charges that involve accidents have been won this way when successfully proven by a skilled DUI lawyer that knows what to do by carefully analyzing all the case details.

What to do for a first dui

Another common example of people who are often mistaken first for a suspected DUI/DWI, is the slurring of their speech. This can be caused by a natural speech impediment or common manner of speaking for that particular individual, fatigue, or even the normal nervous feeling experienced by a person who has not often been stopped or pulled over by police – particularly so if late at night. The arresting officer usually has no idea how that person speaks normally, and has no general baseline to go by in making these types of personal characteristic assumptions in stating that a driver was slurring their words. This is another area where by knowing what to do in how to successfully challenge the police observations by having your arrest details properly examined and getting the right DUI help in time, can make all the difference in beating and winning a 1st DUI offense arrest case.

It is common for an arresting officer to testify they first detected symptoms of a DUI, such as the odor of alcohol. The smell of alcohol alone, only indicates that a person has likely consumed alcohol, and not proof by itself of intoxication. Another common observation made by police in DUI cases are bloodshot eyes. This again could be caused by various other reasons which could be entirely unrelated to consuming alcohol, such as being around cigarette smoke, having allergies, or other unrelated and common eye problems. There can also be other explanations of possible balance problems during the field sobriety tests. Some people are unsteady simply because of nervousness after suddenly being pulled over by police. After your own unique arrest details can be carefully examined, there could be many other explanations that can convey what to do in rationalizing why a person was wrongfully arrested with their first DUI offense charge.

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