How to Hire a First DUI DWI Attorney

First DUI Offense Attorneys

Life is full of many important decisions and one of the most important is how you will act in your defense when faced with fighting a first-time offense DUI/DWI case. After your arrest details can be professionally examined free online through us, a skilled DUI attorney from your area can help you fight for a possible dismissal, and they can help you with immediate costs you may have to incur by offering flexible payment plans to ease the burden of the unexpected expenses of fighting first offense DUI charges. They can also discuss all of your potential options based on your details of what took place when you were arrested, so that you will not have to go through the same ordeal again.

Whether it was due to the failing a breathalyzer, field sobriety tests, or chemical tests, there are steps that you can take now by having your arrest details carefully examined online, to help get your life back on track by knowing all your best defense options available. After reviewing all of your arrest information, an experienced DUI attorney can potentially win the case if any procedural mistakes were made my police or during your arrest, or if any of the chemical tests were improperly administered.

Through fighting a first offense driving under the influence case, your DUI lawyer will be there by your side helping you to fully resolve your case, while discussing any possibility for any unforeseen costs if applicable in your case. If you are currently facing first-time offense DUI charges, please do not hesitate in taking advantage of getting a free DUI attorney arrest evaluation online from your area through us as soon as possible after your arrest. After being able to examine your arrest details and contact you with your options, a DUI attorney’s main priority is to help you and your family so you can be completely confident that your case is in good hands in finding every possible way to win against a first offense DUI case.

First DUI Attorneys
Your DUI lawyer will be there by your side helping you to fully resolve your case.

Driving under the influence offense charges like DUI & DWI, failing a Breathalyzer or blood test over .08 blood alcohol content (BAC), and refusing to take the breath or blood tests, are common for drivers facing first-time criminal arrests in the United States. A DUI or DWI charge offense will have costly consequences with a driver’s license getting suspended first, then afterwards a person will have to pay very high car insurance rates for an average of 5 years. If a driver pleads or is found guilty with a 1st DUI offense conviction in court, strict penalties can result in negative repercussions that can affect a person’s current employment, future career opportunities, and a driver’s ability to travel abroad. However with our free online help a person does not need to let one mistake define what will happen to their life for years to come. This is because once a driver takes action by first getting the DUI arrest carefully reviewed online with us, we have a team of local DUI attorneys who know how to help avoid the high cost of mandatory penalties under what the new strict laws are involving driving under the influence charges. Our local DUI lawyers near where a driver will be going to court at, will utilize their strong attention and knowledge of the new laws to the arrest details and know how to fight to get out of first offense DUI or DWI charges successfully.

Driving Under The Influence and DUI Refusal Charges

  • Driving Under The Influence – This offense happens when a police officer has a reasonable cause to believe that a person’s ability to driver their car is affected by alcohol, illegal drugs, Marijuana, or prescription medication. An officer who decides to make the arrest for DUI or DWI charges, will make this decision a result based on certain observations like bad driving, slurred speech, red and watery eyes, and slow motor skills such as unsteady balance standing or walking.
  • Failing the breath or blood test – This DUI charge happens when a driver has failed a Breathalyzer or blood test with a reading over .08 BAC. This is determined with a breath or blood test at the police station or hospital, and the test results will later be used as evidence in court to support the arrest.
  • Refuse to blow or refuse to take a breath or blood test – a DUI or DWI refusal offense charge will happen either during the traffic stop, or after an arrest at the police station. A test refusal charge is issued when an officer requests a driver to take DUI test samples, and a driver refuses to give a sample of their breath or blood, or does not perform the test as they were instructed. However a skilled DUI lawyer who reviews a person’s arrest information online with us, can many times be able to find a strong defense to defend against the charges.

How DUI charges will affect a driver’s life

It is important to realize that even 1st offense driving under the influence charges is a serious matter, and will have mandatory costs and penalties under what the new law is, even if a driver has no past criminal or traffic violation on their record. Some of the average minimum sentences to expect for a first offense conviction or guilty plea is a $1,200 fine, a suspended driver’s license for 6 months to 1 year, and still having to install an Ignition Interlock device afterwards. For a driver convicted or pleads guilty to a second DUI or DWI offense, the time for how long a driver’s license suspension period will be and requiring the Ignition Interlock will be a minimum of 1 year on average. Other details about the arrest such as an accident involving injury or property damage, high BAC readings far above the legal blood alcohol content limit of .08, and other factors can result in penalties and costs far higher than what the minimum sentence requirement is. Our local first offense driving under the influence lawyers will vigilantly fight to win a DUI case, and to help ensure the best outcome with as low cost and minimal penalties as possible.

How lawyers can help to fight & get out of first DUI offense charges

Many drivers who are facing a first DUI offense charge, are not aware of the variety of strong defenses a lawyer can use to fight to possibly get out of DUI & DWI charges in court. Some of the best defense options under the new laws can challenge the arrest through a number of strategies which include; suppressing DUI breath or blood test results evidence due to the police officer violating a driver’s protected constitutional rights. The attorneys can succeed in fighting the charges by challenging technical specifications of the Breathalyzer or blood test procedure, or challenge the arresting police officer’s reason for pulling a driver over and then for asking for a breath test in the first place. We are here to help drivers know what to do for their own DUI situation, and have the arrest professionally examined online free with us by local DUI lawyers who review the best steps to deal with your own unique circumstances. Every driver is entitled with the right to have an evaluation after getting arrested or charged with DUI for advice in what to do next. By taking this essential first step as soon as possible after an arrest, our first DUI offense lawyers are available 24 hours 7 days a week to help with any advice that is necessary to win against DUI & DWI charges. Please take advantage of our free online expert DUI lawyer services, and let us begin to help right away.

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